Market Perspective


Competitive pricing strategy has enabled Ding The Recipe to restructure to stay strong in brand building, quality uncompromised at an affordable price. As such, it is envisaged that sales average/projection would not be less than 12 jars average per day per store level, if ranged. Hurdle rate would improve over time.

Brand Segmentation

Ding Brand - 65% (mid to high-end market)
Private Label - 35% (top-end market)

Market segmentation

No age limitation or group (suitability depend on product nature i.e. heat level, spiciness).

Foodies, culinary experts and time-poor consumers would love it - income stream, not a determining factor.

Ethnic diversity and demography - improving with education and taste sampling.

Synopsis (overall pattern but may change over time or vary as per region/suburb - ethnic diversity, profession, age group & level of disposable income)

Laksa paste
Satay Paste
Butter chicken 10.7% Chilli Paste 4.0%
Chilli Jam 7.1% Thai Marinade 3.9%
Rendang 6.7% Tom Yum paste 3.1%
Jungle Curry 6.7% Satay Marinade* 2.8% (relatively new)
Sambal Belacan 6.0% Ayam Bakar* 1.7% (relatively new)
Red Curry 5.7% Assam Pedas* 1.2% (relatively new)
Pad Thai 5.6% XO paste newly launched
Rogan Josh 5.4% Moroccan Paste newly launched
Curry Paste 5.1% Sambal O'lek newly launched

Prognosis: Sales projection exceeding 1 million jars in the forthcoming financial year with potential export initiatives under way.
Note: *Increasingly popular.