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Code Product Description Servings Heat Unit/s
ASP025Assam PedasA sourish, spicy & fragrant paste blended from fresh herbs & selected spices. Good for seafood, fish or poultry.12mediumX
AYB025Ayam BakarA blend of fragrant, fresh herbs & selected spices to create an authentic 'Indonesian' BBQ chicken marinade.10noneX
BLC025Black CurryA classic Peranakan (Nyonya) delicacy of Indonesian Black Nuts (a.k.a. Kluwat) & fresh aromatics. A slight tangy, creamy mouth feel with complex flavours. Delicious with chicken, pork or seafood.10mild
BUC025Butter ChickenA classic, mild & delicate marinade luxuriant with saffron, aromatic spices & 'Makhani' sauce.10noneX
CHM025Chipotle MarinadeA smoky, tangy, sweet & spicy marinade for BBQ or as a dip for all meat, poultry & seafood.10medium
CHB025Chilli BlackbeanA spicy aromatic paste made to an authentic recipe handed down for generations. Great for steaming & stir-fry dishes.10mildX
CHP025Chilli PasteA hot, aromatic homestyle slow-roasted chilli paste made from fresh quality ingredients.50hot
CUP025Curry PasteA rich & aromatic mild 'Malaysian' style curry made from quality fresh ingredients & special blend of herbs & spices.12mediumX
HAP025Harissa PasteA Moroccan & Tunisian inspired flavoursome, zingy & spicy roasted tomato-capsicum paste blended with selected spices.10mild
JUC025Jungle CurryA well rounded, fragrant, green paste made from a blend of quality fresh ingredients & selected spices.10mediumX
LAP025Laksa PasteAuthentic, 'Nyonya' homestyle, rich & spicy paste made from quality fresh herbs & selected spices.8mediumX
LES025Lemongrass StirfryAn aromatic & versatile paste for all stir-fries, as a marinade or a base for curries.10noneX
MAC025Massaman CurryA complex & delicious CURRY PASTE blended with unique Thai & Muslim Spices & Herbs.8mild
MOP025Moroccan PasteA tantalising 'North African' spice blend of fresh coriander, preserved lemons & saffron.8none
OIJ025Oink JamA mouthwatering, addictive, gooeyness of savoury & smoky bacon with maple syrup & slight bitterness of coffee. An indulgence for all occasions.10mildX
PAT025Pad ThaiA flavoursome & versatile shrimp seasoning paste for authentic stir-fry Thai rice noodles, fried rice & 'Har-Mee'.8none
REC025Red CurryA rich vibrant & spicy paste blended with fresh herbs & selected spices made to a traditional 'Thai' recipe.20medium
REP025Rendang PasteA delicious, spicy, rich & tasty paste made from freshly roasted coconut, herbs & spices.8mediumX
ROC025Roasted Chilli JamA deep, rich caramel chilli paste with slightly bitter undertones. Very versatile & moorish.10mild
ROJ025Rogan JoshA traditional 'Kashmiri' style spice paste with a ravishing flavour. Excellent for classic curry with lamb.10medium
SAB025Sambal BelacanA hot, delicious, tangy & authentic homestyle chilli sauce made with roasted shrimp paste.50hot
SAO025Sambal O'lekA blend of fresh chillies & herbs with a citrus twist for all cooking purposes & authentic 'Hainan' Chilli sauce.25medium
SAM025Satay MarinadeA classic, mild marinade for authentic 'Malaysian Satay'. Excellent with chicken, beef, pork & seafood.15none
SAP025Satay PasteA traditional, authentic & tasty 'Malaysian' style peanut sauce made from freshly roasted peanuts.12medium
SPT025Spicy Tomato RelishA mouthwatering, tangy, sweet & spicy style tomato relish.25mild
THM025Thai MarinadeA robust & tantalising marinade of fresh coriander & spices. Excellent with chicken, meat & seafood on the BBQ.12mild
TOY025Tom YumAn aromatic, tangy, 'citrus' paste blended with fresh herbs for seafood, chicken Tom Yum soup or stir-fries.25mediumX
WHC025White CurryA mild yet rich & flavoursome Curry without the fiery heat of Chillies.8none
XOP025XO PASTEA flavoursome, slow-cooked, spicy paste made with dried shrimps & fresh chillies.8mediumX

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